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Ever Have One of Those Pivotal Moments
That Changed Your Life?

Mine happened on my sister-in-law’s living room floor in 1986.

She was a PT who wanted to try out this “new technique” she’d just learned.

Within 30 minutes, the relentless back pain that had been nagging me for 3 years was gone.

That was my first touch of Craniosacral Therapy.

I was hooked. And it quickly became my modality of choice.

Flash forward to another one of those life-changing moments.

It was 1993.

I was an advertising manager for a Fortune 100 company where my projects earned a net profit of more than $3 million that year alone.

But on this day — March 13 — I was standing in a conference room full of executives. Most men wearing navy blue suits.

The leader of the group asked us to share our personal vision for the company.

This was my day to share mine.

Having worked as a freelance writer and marketing consultant for the previous 7 years, I felt out of my element here.

I’d been trying on my “corporate” personality. But it never did feel like a fit.

One this day, I decided I was going to chuck it all in the toilet.

I was going to tell the truth about my personal vision. And how I believed business should be done.

As I glanced around at all those men looking up at me, I took a deep breath. Cleared my throat. And said …

“I see the potential for our work together being more of a spiritually fulfilling calling than work as we’ve known it.

“By deepening our respect for each other as professionals and as people, we can join together as a team to apply our intelligence and our passion to understanding our customers’ needs.

“And to bringing them products and services that improve the quality of their lives.

“Our inner nature can be expressed through our projects. And affirmed through our results. Because when we enrich others, we too become enriched.”

I quickly dropped into my seat and prepared for the worst.

Then the gentleman to my left turned to me. And with a slightly startled look on his face, he said …

“That is so cool.”

That’s the moment I released the breath I didn’t know I was holding.

And it’s also the moment I dedicated my life to a mission far greater than me.

Blending My Profession
With My Passion

I have always known we’re each meant to bring our spiritual gifts to the world through our life work.

So in 1994, when I was invited to bring my passion for relationship-marketing together with something I truly believe in — Craniosacral Therapy — I grabbed it.

That’s when I joined The Upledger Institute. Over the next 15 years I was their Advertising Manager, Media Relations Manager and Senior Writer and Editor.

I had the enormous privilege of working hand-in-hand with Dr. John E. Upledger.

He was the big-hearted and often outrageous osteopath who’s credited with bringing “the work” to therapists and patients worldwide.

Since then I’ve co-authored books including Modalities for Massage and Bodywork (Mosby) and Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Rehabilitation (Churchill Livingstone).

And I’m delighted to be a featured columnist in Massage Today magazine.

As early as 2007, I earned the title of Prosperous Coach of the Year for “unshakeable focus, deep integrity, and consistent modeling of impeccable marketing and business practices mixed with her tremendous coaching skills for Craniosacral Therapists.”

Today I’m best known for blending principles of higher consciousness with practical, down-to-earth marketing steps that help you fulfill your spiritual mission as a successful practitioner.

And enjoy financial peace of mind.

Guiding Beliefs and Values

As a coach, I love working with passionate therapists to bring their gifts into the world in a natural, stress-free way.

I do that by staying centered in my integrity, which includes these guiding beliefs and values:

We each have a perfect purpose in the world. 

We are hardwired with specific gifts, strengths and skills. These as we grow, we come across experiences that light up our passions.

When we align our gifts with our passion, we become conduits for much more than physical healing.

The effects are felt on the mental, emotional and spiritual planes as well. And that’s when we’re making our unique contribution to the world.

We were born to work with joy. 

It’s no mistake that we have these incredible brains, insatiable spirits and the urge to create.

Look into the face of any child and you know: We were born to be happy. And to share that joy with everyone we touch.

Work should not be a struggle. 

The key is learning how to transform your talent into super strengths. And then to surround yourself with people whose natural gifts complement yours.

The same power that created the universe is alive in each one of us. 

We are all part of this eternally creative life force.

We always have a choice. 

We can continue to operate by default, letting ourselves drift from point to point.

Or we can learn how to heighten our awareness of our creative power and let it guide us to the next scenic overlook on our journey.

Decision is an act of manifestation. 

Professional Credentials

Founder and President, Your True Calling Coach, Inc. and Craniosacral Success®, 2006

Master Coach Certification, Heart of Success Inc., 2012

Life Purpose and Career Coach Certification, Life Purpose Institute, 2004

Hypnotherapy Certification, National Guild of Hypnotists, 1993

Bachelor’s Degree in Advertising and Public Relations, University of Central Florida, 1984

Award-Winning Writer and Editor

Craniosacral Success® Stories

  • My practice filled to 100% capacity.

    My practice filled to 100% capacity.

    Over the course of 6 months with Sharon, my practice filled to 100% capacity – and with more of my ideal clients!
    Rosemary Brown-Tucker RMT
  • Thank you for helping to make me so busy!

    Thank you for helping to make me so busy!

    Sharon, thank you again for your amazing work. I just told a friend at my former clinic that my client schedule has almost doubled. I went from seeing about 18 patients a week there to more than 30 a week at my new office. She asked me what I was doing differently and I told her about you.
    Elizabeth Browning-Jones LMT
  • This was my best year ever!

    This was my best year ever!

    Sharon, I wanted to let you know that even with the slumping economy, transitioning from almost all massage to only Craniosacral Therapy, and being out of the office 6 weeks for classes, this was my best year ever! Your coaching was a huge part of it and helped to make it possible.
    Mindy Totten LMBT, CST
  • I had a new client who immediately booked 3 more sessions.

    I had a new client who immediately booked 3 more sessions.

    Sharon, I just had a new client today who immediately booked 3 more sessions. In fact, every client I’ve had since you and I worked out what to say to them has booked multiple follow-up sessions.
    Jean Christensen LMT
  • My business income literally doubled since I started working with you!

    My business income literally doubled since I started working with you!

    Sharon, my business income literally doubled since I started working with you! You have been so incredibly helpful to me spiritually, emotionally, professionally and financially.
    Sarah Costonis OMD

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